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Join Helen and The Emissarians
Hosted by Chere Cormier

When: August 18, 2017 7:00 - 9:00pm
Where: Private Home Near 110 and Hwy 6. Address sent when you register.

I have joyously evolved myself into channeling a Divine Stream of Consciousness! It was my desire to learn more about thriving in human form at this new time on Earth. In response to my life journey as student and teacher (with great passion for both), I now have the delightful experience of allowing wisdom and guidance to flow through me in response to people's questions. This is the same voice that has been present in all the tapping, just without the tapping!

I am strongly drawn to play in creative growth. Growth that is empowering, generous, joyous and the natural next step for many of us as individuals and as group consciousness as seekers of truth.

As the Emissarians offer teaching through words, you will also physically receive the frequency of those teachings. An elevation of consciousness shared with like-minded seekers is always magnified. What is possible through sincere intention is manifested. What is in the way of your highest good dissolves. Our questions are catalysts for teaching, and we are supported in our spiritual journey to elevated states of wellbeing and an enhanced ability to work with our internal states and expand through the Divine vibration which resonates in the presence of these Teachers. I am humbled to be the channel.

The Emissarians are a transformative vibration of Divine Love and Wisdom that channels through me. You can listen and/or see videos of sessions at, go to Also peruse the YouTube channel.

Cost: $33 cash/check at the door or PayPal thru the link below

Click here to register through PayPal:

Includes good food and good company plus the Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Transformative Vibration of the Emissarians.

You will also receive an audio of the sessions in MP3 files.

Please RSVP by emailing me at to help us with headcount for seating and food.

Bring questions!

The guidance is inspiring, clear, loving and, yes, often shakes us awake.

Come, Bring a friend, Register now.

The Logical Law of Attraction — a New Class Series

When and where: Begins first Tuesday of September at Spectrum Center and first Thursday afternoon in Katy

Logical Law of Attraction event

How you create anything is how you create everything!

Have you noticed that you can attract success in one area of your life, like your business or parenting or making friends, and then not be able to turn your passion into the career you want or quite meet your bills no matter how much money you are earning? How can you attract like a magnet in one area and struggle like a beginner in another?

We attract and create every day. We are genius at it!

And, here is the big SECRET: The Law of Attraction is LOGICAL!!

It's not complicated. It makes perfect sense — which is why you do it naturally every day when you are not even trying! WOW!! What would happen if you really stepped back and examined how you create and applied those behaviors to your problem areas?

Curious? Let's Do It!!!

Join me this September for an honest appraisal of what you do when you are the BEST CONSCIOUS MAGNET for your desires and highest good.

Learn And Use the Logical Law of Attraction to transform your life into a state of confidence, joy and peace.

Join me in September; live in choice of two locations and/or through video. Classes also include audios in MP3s weekly to listen again or utilize during travel. I'm excited to tie in principle based thinking and how it relates to love vs fear, scarcity vs thriving, lack vs creating. Understanding how to think makes it easier to have the best experience of one self. Join us and learn how to apply all you've been seeking to learn in an efficient effective way. The one thing in life that is for you to control is your thinking.

Understanding vibrational law, and how to use it through the way you think, will absolutely create more consistent success in all areas of life.

Open to new students every:

  • First Tuesday evening of the month. 610 and TC Jester East at Spectrum Center
  • First Thursday afternoon in Katy. Near Mason Road and I-10
  • And now I'm looking for a class location in Sugarland, Hwy 6 and 59 area. Does anyone know of a place to meet weekly on Thursday evenings?

Students can attend live, listen to audio or access video on private FB page.

Cost: $125 per month. Audios and video available for access from a distance.

A gift for you: Belief handbook.

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